Fulgent Corporation is a software development company based in the very sunny city of San Antonio, Texas. While we have a broad developmental experience base ranging from embedded systems to OpenGL visualization tools, we specialize in web database applications. We do not feel that accumulating experience from many of the myriad aspects of information systems, software development, and computer science weakens our focus. Instead, the breadth of our knowledge adds to our perspective by providing new facets of technological insight and an ever-increasing arsenal of design approaches.

One thing that will never waver: our mission. We create software to serve you, the user. Our design tenets of
  • usability,
  • efficiency,
  • stability, and
  • security
all share the same high level of importance and consideration. We use the most stable and secure server operating systems available today and the database and programming tools we use are among the best:
  • FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Mac OS/X
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Java