Insurance Software

Our Insurance Services software system is an extremely customizable and powerful web-based application for managing Lloyds-oriented insurance data. It provides feature-rich capabilities for tracking, billing, claims, and reporting (including bordereau). The database and interface are flexible enough to easily accommodate a vast array of insurable items and integrate item-specific screens and functions, such as zip code lookup and VIN validation. Additional, customized reports and forms are also very simple to add to the software. Using an ASP deployment model, all application, data, and stored files are maintained on a secured server with considerable bandwidth and regular backups. The software's permissions-based security features allow complete restriction of all accessible functions (record adding/editing/deleting, bill/bordereau/policy/certificate printing, etc) for any potential type of user (e.g., Insured, Agent, Claims adjuster, Underwriter).

  • Full access control for agents and insured logins
  • Policy, endorsement, and certificate printing
  • Complete insurable item and coverage customization
  • Binder and immediate issue coverage
  • Monthly, annual, and payment-scheduled billing with minimum deposit premium and down payments
  • Commission statements
  • On-demand monthly bordereau generation in either PDF or MS Excel formats
  • Secure document and image storage and management for insureds, policies, claims, properties
  • Claims
  • Loss reports
  • Very flexible tracking
  • Batch report printing
  • Easy to add agency-specific reports, forms, and functions
  • Detailed audit trail maintained for all important data tables
  • Ability to import and export a wide variety of data and formats
  • Automatic email notification for agents, insureds, mortgagees, adjusters, and underwriters using customizable triggers
  • Reports are dynamically generated in a PDF format, but are also available in MS Excel
  • Monthly statements can be automatically generated en masse and emailed directly to insureds and mortgagees
  • Check posting to mortgagee accounts and reconciliation
  • Custom interfaces may be created to automatically communicate property, coverage, and billing data between your databases and our software system

Characteristics of the Platform
  • Stable
  • Secure
  • Scaleable
  • Customizable
  • Ready to integrate with other systems
  • Broad accessibility via ASP-based delivery
  • Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing interface
  • Tested with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari